The sea and Sardinia
Graphic elementThe sea and Sardinia

Costa Verde: the silent coast
Graphic elementCosta Verde: the silent coast

Nuraghi: charm in Sardinia
Graphic elementNuraghi: charm in Sardinia

The Sartiglia of Oristano
Graphic elementThe "Sartiglia" of Oristano

The treasures of sardinian crafts
Graphic elementThe treasures of sardinian crafts



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Property in Sardinia

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The Island of Sardinia

Contents - Number 1/2003 - Founded 1997

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Sea and Coast
Graphic element The sea and Sardinia: The clearest in the world.
Graphic element Around Costa Smeralda: from Capo Testa to Cala Luna.
Graphic element The Tropics in the Mediterranean: from Cala Luna to Cagliari.
Graphic element Unspoilt nature: from Cagliari to S.Giovanni di Sinis.
Graphic element A unique beauty: from Capu Mannu to Castelsardo.
Graphic element Costa Verde: the silent coast.
Graphic element Cagliari, the city of the sun.    SPECIAL !

History and Archaeology
Graphic element On the trail of the ancient people of Sardinia.
Graphic element Nuraghi: charm in Sardinia.
Graphic element The stones of the Faith: Romanesque Churches in Sardinia.

Festivals and Customs
Graphic element The festival of Sant'Efisio in Cagliari.
Graphic element The "Sartiglia" of Oristano.
Graphic element Ardia in Sedilo.
Graphic element The Candelieri's descent: Sassari's "great celebration".

Handicrafts and Costumes
Graphic element The thousand treasures of sardinian crafts.
Graphic element Sardinian costumes: a journey through time.

Food and Wine
Graphic element A gastronomic tour of Sardinia.
Graphic element A journey through Sardinian wine making, vineyards, wine-casks and bottles.....

Art and Music
Graphic element Sounds of Sardinia.

Graphic element Sardinian ports.
Graphic element Nuragic Tours: Magical mysterious: in any season.   NEW !
Graphic element Tour The Seven Royal Cities: Culture, Atmosphere...   NEW !
Graphic element Where is Sardinia.
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