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Sardinia is famous for its emerald green transparent sea and its unspoiled white sandy beaches. However there is more, much more that Sardinia can offer visitors. There are numerous "surprises" that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Visiting unique archaeological sites; nuraghi, menhirs and tombs of Giants can be an opportunity to discover the culture, the gastronomy and the crafts of the areas least affected by tourism. Discover the renowned hospitality of the Sardinian people.

Wild ponies of Giara
ImageWild ponies of Giara

During the mild Sardinian winter or in spring come and experience the colors and the perfume that nature has blessed Sardinia with. Follow the roads through the Marmilla and Sarcidano areas, marvel at the wealth of archaeology and history, eat in one of the numerous small family run restaurants and enjoy the traditional cuisine. Walk along the footpaths through the wild and unspoiled Giara di Gesturi (plateau of Gesturi) and admire the hundreds of wild ponies, and then discover the wonderful artistic ability of the Sardinian artisans...

Cagliari is linked to the major Italian airports and there are frequent ferry services from the major Italian mainland ports.

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The Isle of Sardinia
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