Beach photoUnspoilt nature: from Cagliari to S.Giovanni di Sinis
Let us sail from Cagliari in our real or virtual boat westward along the coast of Golfo degli Angeli. The first stretch of this coast is home to industrial and commercial estates such as the big 'Porto Canale, and the oil refinery at Sarroch with its wharfs which are long back anchors that link the land to the oil tankers.

Sea photo
However, soon after, the Sardinian coast returns to its natural appearance, and after only a few miles you can admire again the coloured sea beds like those around the island of S. Macario, in the front of which the excavations of Nora, a Punic-Roman town, can be found.


This ancient Phoenician settlement, built at the end of the headland of Capo Pula, was the most important centre on the island for many years (more important even than Karalis). The excavations which were started in the 1950s, uncovered a Necropolis, a Roman Amphitheatre, Thermal Baths, a Temple dedicated to the Goddess Tanit and several other buildings. When the sea is calm, with a snorkel and mask, it is possible to admire the submerged part of this ancient city that sank under the sea centuries ago. The streets and the walls of the ancient houses are clearly visible.

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The Island of Sardinia
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