NURAGHI: charm in SardiniaNURAGHI: charm in Sardinia
Nuraghe S.Barbara - Macomer
ImageNuraghe S.Barbara - Macomer

The numerous nuraghi which are spread all over Sardinia, occupy a very relevant place among the archeological sites that have been left in the Western Mediterranean basin by the various cultures which have, over the centuries, lived in these lands.
These majestic buildings have a prominent role in the Sardinian landscape so much so that they remain stamped on the visitor’s mind as a characteristic image of this mysterious and extraordinary land and are a symbol and emblem of a whole population.

Giovanni Lilliu, a great scholar of Sardinian archaeology claims: "Nuraghi form a part of the charm of Sardinia, along with the unlimited virgin land and the sea". There are about 7.000 well preserved nuraghi. If we consider the ravages of time and the numerous invasions, it is clear that the original number of nuraghi was considerably greater.
The name of these typical Sardinian Nuraghi derives from the word "nurra" which means "heap" or "mound", but also "cavity". It is perhaps for this double meaning that the word has been applied to the original shape of the Nuraghi, built by laying big stones one on top of the other to create a "hollow" which is then covered by a stone dome to form a room.

Su Nuraxi - Barumini
ImageSu Nuraxi - Barumini

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