Image of mineThe silent coast
Costa Verde is so called because the lentisk and arbutus bushes slope down to the sea. These bushes give refuge to an ever increasing herd of deer that find food and shelter in the valleys and sand dunes. Costa Verde can also be called "the silent coast", like those villages, many of which are deserted, that represent the great epoch of the mines which started 5.000 years ago with the Phoenicians, continued under the Romans and the Spanish until the 1960s.

Pan di Zucchero
The silence: the silence of the palaces built by English, German and French entrepreneurs in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century; the silence of the galleries where thousands of miners, including women and children, toiled; the silence of the installations that represent one of the most enchanting examples of mining archaeology.

Cala Domestica
ImageCala Domestica

Especially the silence of the beaches, long sandy stretches which extend for many kilometers, interrupted by some dark cliffs. These beaches are frequented by tourists searching for peace and quite, because these places are not assaulted by the wild urbanization that has changed the character of many coastal areas in Sardinia.

Costa Verde offers one of the most enchanting landscapes in the whole Mediterranean basin. In no other place is it possible to experience such a concentration of sensations created by the archaeological sites left by the mining industry and by a magnificent natural setting which combine to form a mysterious and wistful atmosphere.

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