The thousand treasures of Sardinian craftsThe thousand treasures of Sardinian crafts
The Sardinia has a rich handicraft heritage that reflects its historical and cultural stratification. To trace the origins of this heritage one must go on a long and adventurous journey back in time to prehistory. It is during this journey that it is possible to recognize the Pre-Neolithic, Neolithic, Roman and Byzantine influences. Although Sardinian popular art has been influenced by these cultures, it has always had unique features which have distinguished it from other cultures.

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These features are its originality and simplicity, expressed in terse forms, which derive from a rich local tradition that includes history, traditions, art and life. Therefore Sardinian handicrafts can be defined as real popular art, as a means of cultural expression of the whole population.

A carpet from Isili
ImageA carpet from Isili

The continuity of traditional techniques has also been preserved throughout the centuries. Sardinian carpets, for example, have not only their own unique local characteristics that an expert can identify among carpets from hundreds of different countries, but the manufacturing techniques, the materials, the designs and the colors, (which vary greatly from village to village) ensure that Sardinian carpets can be easily recognized.

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The Island of Sardinia
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