A journey through sardinian wine making, vineyards, wine-casks and bottles......
A journey through Sardinian wine making is not only a journey to discover the sensations and pleasures which wine provides, or to marvel at the interesting historical aspects of these typical Sardinian products, but also to visit the regions and the vineyards that are famous for their high quality wines. A journey to experience the bouquet and tastes, to smell the fragrances, and marvel at the colours, all of which are discernible in the air as soon as one leaves the urban centres. Sensations that are mostly experienced by people who arrive on the Island for the first time or after a long absence. An immediate olfactory impact which is hard to forget. This is a journey through the regions in which the wine is made and the vineyards where the vine grows. These regions have been making wine for millenniums. The tradition started before the Roman domination of the island. The history of wine making started during the Nuraghic period and has continued ever since. The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Bizantines, the Tuscan and Genoese Signories, the Benedectine and Camaldolite monks, the Spanish and the Piedmontese all have a place in the history of Sardinian wine making. The landscape is never monotonous, often shows and often hides the ancient events of its origins which are the most complex and unique among the Mediterranean countries. We are in the most ancient land in Italy.....


As is well known the soil, the weather conditions and position all play a crucial role in the cultivation of vines. A good combination of these factors explains why "Vermentino di Gallura" is one of only 4 white Italian wines to be awarded the DOCG (Certified Controlled Origin Wine).
Vermentino should be drunk young. It has a soft fruity slightly almond bouquet and is the perfect accompaniment to the numerous Sardinian fish dishes, such as shell fish salad, thinly-sliced raw fish on a bed of lettuce, smoked grouper or swordfish. Vermentino is also an excellent aperitif.

Vermentino di Gallura
The subtlety, delicacy and polish of "Vermentino di Gallura DOCG" is due not only to the care and attention the wine receives but also to the mostly granite based soil and the micro climate of this area in Northern Sardinia. There are three historical "Cantine Sociali" (vine growers' co-operatives) and a number of small and medium sized firms that have ensured the reputation and increased the value of Vermentino.
In Gallura the vines of "Moscato" and "Nebbiolo" are also grown. "Moscato di Tempio D.O.C." is a sweet sparkling wine, one of the most delicate and delicious dessert wines produced in Sardinia. "Nebbiolo" (which is known as "Nebbiolo di Luras") is a red table wine which is becoming very popular.
Still in the north of Sardinia, but in another region, the famous white wine called "Torbato" is produced. The vine from which this wine is made grows in the soil along the coast near Alghero. The production of "Torbato" dates back to the Iberians. During the last twenty years "Torbato" has taken its place among the most important quality white wines on the world stage. There is a special kind of "Torbato" called "Terre Bianche" which is made of selected grapes and another sparking "Torbato" called "Brut".
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