Tour The Seven Royal Cities: Culture, Atmosphere...Tour The Seven Royal Cities: Culture, Atmosphere...

Alghero - chiesa di San Francesco
ImageAlghero - chiesa di San Francesco

More and more tourists are looking for holidays which mix beautiful locations and cultural attractions. More and more people are taking holidays at times of the year apart from the traditional "summer holiday season".
A weekend or maybe a week in a place where the atmosphere and the beauty of the local surroundings combine with important events and shows is what they are looking for.

For these tourists, the historical centers of the royal cities of Sardinia can offer architecture, culture, cuisine and atmosphere. There are tourist and cultural programs sponsored by Assessorato del Turismo della Regione Sardegna (Sardinian Tourist Ministry).
Alghero, Bosa, Cagliari, Castelsardo, Iglesias, Oristano, Sassari: the royal cities.

The term royal city was coined at the beginning of 1300s when the Catalano-Aragonesi conquered Sardinia and made it a feudal colony. Only 7 cities remained autonomous municipalities under the control of the Royal Government. Over time the king allowed the development of these cities. The cities developed with many characteristics in common.

Bosa - castle walles
ImageBosa - castle walles
Today these cities form an essential part of the architectural, archaeological and cultural patrimony of Sardinia. The urban and architectural features of these cities have been used to revitalize the historic centers, as they were originally used, by the reopening of craft shops, art work shops and galleries. Various events have been organized to attract tourists. Cultural events like concerts, exhibitions and conventions have allowed Sardinia to offer tourists a holiday experience that can compete on the International market.

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