Sardinian costumes a journey through time.Sardinian costumes a journey through time.
Visitors to Sardinia can go on a very special journey that is evocative and full of surprises. It is a journey through time, to the roots and the mysterious origins of a simple people, who are rich in creativity and fantasy.
It is a journey to discover the thousands of secrets that are hidden in the ancient traditional costumes.
There are thousands of different costumes. No other Italian region has as many costumes as Sardinia. Practically every Sardinian city, town and village has its own costumes. The people proudly preserve their costumes as these costumes hold the secrets of each groups identity and represent the living evidence of each culture, its way of life and its traditions.
In years gone by clothes reflected the different aspects of life.
Simple for every day use, elaborate and refined for special occasions and serious and dignified for mourning.
For this reason every village is jealous of its own traditional costume and preserves and cherishes its historical importance. This is true today in each of the 370 towns, villages and cities on the Island. Of course nowadays almost no one wears the ancient costumes any more, even if there are many villages in the interior of Sardinia where some old women and a few old men still wear the traditional costumes.

Photo Chiara Samugheo from the book 'Costumi di Sardegna' Publisher: L'Unione Sarda
For this reason a tourist who goes to Busachi, a village in the province of Oristano, or to Desulo, Tonara or Orgosolo, in the province of Nuoro, can still find some old people dressed the same way as their ancestors dressed 200 years ago. From this point of view time seems to have stood still.

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The Island of Sardinia
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