The consummate technique that is required to produce these products reaches very high levels in silver and gold work. The presence of silver mines has stimulated the setting up of silver smith shops in Iglesias, Oristano, Cagliari, Alghero, Sassari and also in Quartu S. Elena, Sinnai, Nuoro, Oliena, Bosa and Dorgali.
A prominent position in this area is held by classical gold and silver filigree jewelry which is famous all over the world.
This jewelry is made to ancient designs and is the result of endless patience and composure, it is made in honor of female vanity and grace.
  Images of handicraft - jewelry
Images of handicraft - jewelry
  Besides the filigree jewelry which adorns Sardinian costumes there are matching ear rings and rings set with gemstones and pearls, bracelets and gancere, buckles and pendants (perhaps to defend against the evil eye), pendants and very long necklaces decorated with gemstones and very decorative rosaries to hang over one’s bed.
Among the various handicrafts, the goldsmith’s art more than any other has had the creative imagination to make artistic designs of refined virtuosity and original perfection. These are characteristic that even if they are always within tradition, have been enriched by a series of significant innovations that allow Sardinian craftsmen and Sardinian artistic jewelry to be appreciated all over the world. In the world of Sardinian jewelry the craftsmen from Alghero, Bosa, Cagliari, Dorgali, Iglesias, Nuoro and Sassari, deserve to be mentioned.

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The Island of Sardinia
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