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Like almost all-Sardinian handicrafts, ceramics have their roots in history and throughout the centuries have always had a strong connection to the traditions and designs from the past.
It is not necessary to visit The Archaeological Museum in Cagliari to see the nuragic origins of Sardinian ceramics or the analogies with some patterns from the Roman domination. It is enough, indeed, to visit some small towns where the most typical ceramics are made such as Assemini and Pabillonis in the Campidano area, Dorgali on the eastern coast of the Island and Oristano (the town that boast the most ancient "figulina") to find a series of jars, pots and pans which take us back in history.
  A jug and a jar by P.Casu
ImageA jug and a jar by P.Casu
A ring shaped amphora by C.M.A.
ImageA ring shaped amphora by C.M.A.
  The ancient ceramic objects were jars for oil, water and wine jars, big and small jars with various decorations, glasses, mugs, flasks, crockery, hot water containers and also decorative architectural pieces.
Sardinian ceramic production ranges from the commonly used or religious objets which show an innate taste and an excellent manual skills, to stylized polished figures, ornaments and sculptures.

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