Another typical expression of popular art and wood carving are the carnival masks, which traditionally come from Ottana and Mamoiada. They are perhaps, evocative of ancient oppressions and magic. However craftsmen also make stools, decorative panels, spoons, cutting boards, Sardinian briars (pipes), vases and bowls.
In the most central area of Sardinia, there are still nowadays some smiths, who are well known both for the production of spurs and bits (among the most famous are those from Santulussurgiu and Gavoi), and for the tempering of beautiful steel tools such as in the famous knives from Pattada, Dorgali, Santulussurgiu, Desulo and Guspini. These knifes are made with such a rare ability and skill that, for experts they are precious collectors items.
  Images of handicraft - knife
Images of handicraft - knifes
  Besides these products, which are the result of ancient skills, there are other just as well known and practical wrought iron products such as baroque railings, gates, lamps, spits, grills and firedogs. Among wrought iron work the beautifully embossed branches so skillfully made by the craftsmen from Isili stand out. They sell their work all over Sardinia and among their products are cowbells which remind one of the quite life of the fields.

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The Island of Sardinia
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