Each area has its own weaving technique: the so called "tessitura liscia" or "smooth weaving" is typical of the villages in the province of Nuoro such as Gadoni, Tonara, Sarule, Sedilo and Orune.
The "tessitura a grani" or pebble fabric ("pibiones" in Sardinian language) is produced in Ittiri, Atzara, Bonorva, Busachi, Paulilatino, Castelsardo, Ploaghe, Pozzomaggiore, Osilo, Sardara, Santulussurgiu, San Vito; the "tessitura a punto" or "point weaving" which is used in the most costly, rich and decorative tapestries from Bonorva, Mogoro, Morgongiori, Santa Giusta, Ploaghe and S.Antioco.
  A carpet "un'in dente" from Villanova Monteleone
ImageA carpet "un'in dente" from Villanova Monteleone
A carpet from Giba
ImageA carpet from Giba
  At last the "tessitura un in dente" (weaving effect) from Aggius, Bolotana, Isili and Samugheo. In recent years, the "dell’annodato" or "knotting technique" has become popular in Dorgali, Zeddiani and Nuoro. The various types of design that are still used in the different areas can also be divided into 4 large groups: the first group includes geometric patterns; the second group includes vegetable subjects and flowers, vines, acorns, olive branches and plums; the third group includes animal designs such as horses or brides and grooms on horses or horsemen.
The fourth and last group includes heraldic and emblematic symbols such as the double-headed eagle, towers, castles, lions, griffins, mythological figures and artistic interpretations of stars and planets.
Before we can leave weaving we must mention the beautiful woolen shawls, generally black, embroidered in multicolored silk, which traditionally are made in Oliena and Villanovaforru.
  A carpet

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