Images of handicraft

The same can be said for basketwork. Sardinian baskets represent one of the most characteristic and varied expressions of Sardinian decorative art. Ceramics and pottery also represent the characteristic decorative art for which Sardinia is famous. Although the Sardinian people have adopted a consumer lifestyle, handicrafts are still in daily use, even if modern life has little connection to the traditional Sardinian culture. Throughout the centuries the Sardinian culture has always maintained its distinctive characteristics and uniqueness. It’s these individual characteristics that lead to perfection in handicrafts.
Sardinian handicrafts, whose origins spring from humble rural life, offer a rustic genuineness. Moreover, in recent decades, there has been a notable expansion in the craft sector due to the efforts of Regione Sarda, (the government of Sardinia), which has promoted the handicraft sector, by various financial initiatives and by setting up, in 1957, L’I.S.O.L.A (Sardinian organization for promotion of craft activities). Artists such as Eugenio Tavolara and Ubaldo Badas, have worked with craftsmen to develop and evolve Sardinian crafts while respecting the traditions and traditional techniques.
  Images of handicraft

Tapestries, carpets, filigree and baskets are only some expressions of Sardinian handicrafts which are known for their variety, richness and uniqueness.

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The Island of Sardinia
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