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Nowadays, as it was in the past time, the characteristic element of the Sardinian earthenware is represented by the practicalness and harmony of their design.
The most typical earthenware products are glazed with a yellow-greenish shade which dissolves into the reddish brown color of the clay.
Still nowadays vases and jars, which are the result of the harmony between the craftsman’s hands and the push of his barefoot on the lathe, preserve their own rustic simplicity and precision that these products seem to be mass-produced, while in every pieces there are the skill and the inspiration of the artisan.
  Little hens by A.Farci
ImageLittle hens by A.Farci
Teapots by D.Demurtas
ImageTeapots by D.Demurtas
  These pieces are for everyday use, even if, during the last decades many craftsmen-artists have managed to build a good reputation. They stimulated and encouraged the development of modern ceramics by adopting new working techniques, although they have always respected the authentic Sardinian "figulina" tradition.
In Cagliari, San Sperate, Selargius, Oristano, Sassari and Olbia, and in Dorgali and Siniscola (in the province of Nuoro) there are many talented artists whose fame has spread beyond the bounds of Sardinia and their works adorn many private collections.

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The Island of Sardinia
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