A carpet from S.Antioco
ImageA carpet from S.Antioco
  Weaving is still one of the most widespread crafts in Sardinia.
There are many small inland towns and villages which are famous for their traditional carpets or tapestries.
The products of their skilled weavers are famous not only in Italy but also abroad.
The material is always hand made on vertical looms in the Barbagia region, or on horizontal wooden looms which are widespread throughout the Island. These looms are utilized for different types of materials.

The raw materials used are: the Sardinian wool which is particularly hard-wearing, raw white or colored cotton and linen.
Sardinian carpets were traditionally used as a decorative cover for the austere linen trunks in which the bridal gown was kept. For this reason Sardinian carpets are designed with a central section with figures or geometrical patterns and with two lateral tassels as ornaments.
Later, Sardinian carpets were used as bedspreads, tapestries or as carpets.
  A carpet "a pibiones" from Villagrande
ImageA carpet "a pibiones" from Villagrande

Towels from Ulassai
ImageTowels from Ulassai
  As we said above, today craftsmen produce other objects for the house such as curtains, cushions, fabrics, towels and table clothes.
In the designs one can see the evolution from the ancient to the modern, however a persistent influence of the traditional figurative designs can be seen.
There are countless centers where these products are made and it is almost always possible to visit and see with your own eyes how these different products are made.

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