Hotel Cala di Volpe
ImageHotel Cala di Volpe
  Costa Smeralda, whose sea is really the colour of an emerald, ends after the long and sandy beach of Liscia Ruja (foolishly renamed the Long Beach by the tourists) which is crowded with young people who spend the whole day in the sun. They are resting after having spent the night in one of the several night clubs in the area. In front of Liscia Ruja there is the solitary Isola di Mortorio and the Bay of Cala di Volpe where one of the most original and elegant hotels in the world is situated.

Soon after, before rounding Capo Figari and sailing towards the imposing Isola di Tavolara, there is the famous Porto Rotondo, situated between the Golfo di Cugnana and the Golfo di Marinella. This fashionable place, like Porto Cervo, has developed around its port and in the summer it is charming to wander around the narrow streets in the tourist centre where the boutiques sell the most famous designer labels and the jeweller's shops offer luxurious merchandise. Every two years an important vintage boat gala takes place in this port, where the boats are admired for their style and for their shining brass fittings.
  Sailing near Capo Figari
ImageSailing near Capo Figari

Sailing past Capo Figari, one enters the deep and dark waters off the shore of the Gulf of Obia, an important port with regular sailings to the continent. As one sails southward, one notices that the traffic becomes lighter, this is a sign that one is leaving the most popular part of the Sardinian coast, where the major concentration of ports and tourist facilities are situated. A sigh of relief especially for the sailors who, in August, are too busy weaving their way through the waves caused by the powerful motorboats.

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