East coast
ImageEast coast
  As soon as one leaves the Gulf of Olbia, the large and majestic island of Tavolara comes into sight. On the tiny quay there are two small restaurants where one can eat excellent fish soup. The water around the nearby island of Molara, is crystal clear and as there is little traffic it is possible to start fishing.
It should be remembered that underwater fishing with the help of oxygen tanks is illegal in Sardinian waters and other kinds of fishing are limited. For example there is a limit of 50 sea urchins per person.
Sailing along the coast of the province of Nuoro there are few places where it is possible to moor. Therefore before starting off it is necessary not only to fill up with fuel but also to replenish the galley as well. Along this part of the coast the sea offers several different alternatives for stop overs and swimming because long and sandy beaches and small bays with low rocks alternate, making it easy to land. Sailing in front of San Teodoro and Budoni, birds such as Airone Cenerinos and Flamingos can be seen.
  Pink flamingos
ImagePink flamingos
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The Island of Sardinia
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