Sardinian ports
The north east coast

S. TERESA DI GALLURA - 41°14'N 9°11'E
Tel. 0789754602 - VHF Ch.9

Characteristic port built in a fjord in the village . Well sheltered, main port for Bonifacio. 300 Berths. All principal mooring services.

Tel. 0789730121

It is the harbour of the urban centre with few places for boats especially in the high season. All the principal mooring services on the quay.

Tel. 0789734033

This private marina, a few kilometres from the urban centre, offers good berths and modern services. No Fuel available.
La Maddalena - Cala Gavetta
PALAU - 41°10'N 9°23'E
Tel. 0789709501-708435 - VHF Ch.9

Modern marina for 300 boats with all mooring services. Main marina for people visiting the Archipelago of La Maddalena. Exposed to the north-east wind.

CANNIGIONE - 41°07'N 9°26'E
Tel. 078988422 - VHF Ch.11

Situated at the end of the long and sheltered Gulf of Arzachena It is formed by several movable quays as well as the main masonry quay. Two Fuel pumps, good shelter for more than 500 boats.

CALA BITTA - 41°07'N 9°28'E
Tel. 078999243

Little harbour, built recently, about 200 berths, No Fuel, exposed to the Mistral and North winds.

POLTU QUATU - 41°08'N 9°29'E
Tel. 078999477 - VHF Ch.9

A marina, recently built, very busy during the summer, 500 berths, all mooring services. Sheltered from all winds, it is situated in a natural fjord.

PORTO CERVO - 41°08'N 9°32'E
Tel. 078994498 - VHF Ch.9

This is the busiest and best equipped port in Sardinia and is situated on the famous Costa Smeralda. 700 berths, full and extensive mooring services. The most important sailing regattas and speed boat racing.

PORTISCO - 41°01'N 9°31'E
Tel. 078933520

This modern equipped private marina is situated at the entrance to the sheltered fjord of Cugnana, 300 berths, most important mooring services.
Porto Cervo

PORTO ROTONDO - 41°02'N 9°32'E
Tel. 078934203 - VHF Ch.9

Another busy port used by boats from all over the world. Around the port the holiday centre of Porto Rotondo has evolved, with its hotels, restaurants and night clubs. 634 berths. Water and fuel.

Tel. 078932005 - Fax 078932009
Private port with only 30 berths, well sheltered in the Gulf of Marinella. No Fuel, various mooring services.

PUNTA MARANA - 41°01'N 9°34'E
Tel. 078932088 - VHF Ch.16

Situated in the Gulf of Marinella, 300 berths, for boats up to 12 metres. All the mooring services are available in this very sheltered marina.
Porto Oro di Palambanza

GOLFO ARANCI - 40°59'N 9°37'E
Tel. 078946880 - VHF Ch.16

A quite harbour, 100 berths, situated in the sheltered gulf of Golfo Aranci. Essential services and Fuel for fishing boats only.

BAIA CADDINAS - 41°00'N 9°36'E
Tel. 078946813

Private marina with all the most important mooring services. Fuel at the entrance to the port. Better to book berths in advance during the high season.

OLBIA - 40°55'N 9°31'E
Tel. 078921243 - VHF Ch.12

Inside the large port there are several berths such as the quays of the Yacht Club, Nautisarda, Punta delle Saline and Costa Corallina. Water and fuel

PUNTALDIA - 40°48'N 9°41'E
Tel. 0789864590 - VHF Ch.9

Tourist port, recently built, 385 berths, most important mooring services.

PORTO OTTIOLU - 40°44'N 9°42'E
Tel. 0784846205 - VHF Ch.9

Modern marina, 405 berths, all mooring services. Very comfortable tourist accommodation and amenities have been built around the port.

Tel. 0784810631 - VHF Ch.9

In this large port, which once was only for fishermen, berthing for 100 tourist boats, a nautical club has been built. Only Diesel Oil available.

CALA GONONE - 40°17'N 9°38'E
Tel. 078493261 - VHF Ch.9-14

Very busy small port used by large boats that take tourists on day trips and fishing boats. Hard to get a berth in the high season. Fuel.

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