It is worthwhile visiting the nuraghe Orrubiu, which is located on a plateau 500 meters above the little villages of Nurri and Orroli.
Nuraghe Orrubiu - Orroli
ImageNuraghe Orrubiu - Orroli
  Nuraghe Orrubiu is an example of a pentalobato nuraghe. It has a central tower surrounded by a bastion with 5 towers. This bastion is within a barbican which has 7 towers and reinforced on its south-east by a second boundary wall with 5 towers.
There are guided visits to Nuraghe Orrubiu every day. There is also a multimedia reconstruction of this nuraghe and its numerous towers and their elegant balconies.
  Nuraghe Orrubiu: ideal reconstruction
ImageNuraghe Orrubiu: ideal reconstruction

In conclusion we suggest a visit to nuraghe Palmavera which is on the road that links the Gulf of Alghero to the Gulf of Porto Conte.
Nuraghe Palmavera - Alghero
ImageNuraghe Palmavera - Alghero
  The nuraghe Palmavera complex consists of an ancient tower to which an irregular elliptical shaped fascia and a second tower connected to a central courtyard were added later.
The whole complex is surrounded by a barbican with 4 towers, around which there was the ancient village.

There are other numerous nuraghi which are worthwhile visiting, but obviously, we can not mention them in these few lines.
If you want to visit or get further information about the nuragic civilization, we suggest to you read the various editions of the guides to ancient Sardinia, where it is possible to find pleasant routes through the most famous and best preserved nuraghi.

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