There is also the fascinating Nuraghe Losa. This nuraghe is located about 3 km. south of the village of Abbasanta, in the province of Oristano. It can be reached from the main road (SS131).
Nuarghe Losa - Abbasanta
ImageNuraghe Losa - Abbasanta
  The Nuraghe Losa complex, which was built in the middle of a large basaltic hill, consists of a trilobato nuraghe, which originally was defended by a towered barbican (nowadays only a short part of the wall and 2 towers remain) and by a village that was built near it. The whole nuragic complex is enclosed by a large ellipsoidal wall with access towers and numerous service entrances.

Nuraghe Losa is open to visitors every day. You can walk around inside the ancient towers and see the original rooms with their domed roofs and large niches and climb the stairs to the balconies and wander along the corridors.
The intelligent lighting makes a visit to this nuraghe fascinating.
If you would like to know more about the nuraghi there is a study center in the Losa nuragic complex where one can learn more about the nuragic civilization. There are exhibits, photos and drawings of various nuraghi with explanations.
This center has information about various nuraghi but in particular about Losa. There are exhibits of artifacts, which were found during excavations of the site. The history of nuraghe Losa can be seen in a detailed multimedia exhibition.
  Nuarghe Losa - Abbasanta
ImageNuarghe Losa - Abbasanta

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