This area has processing industries so swimming is not advised. However it is sufficient to sail a few miles to swim in clear and transparent waters such as those of Marina di Sorso or Lido di Platamona which is the beach of Sassari, the capital of this province.

From this point the coast climbs as far as Castelsardo which is the final destination on our real or 'virtual' tour of the Sardinian coast. The historical centre of this village is built on a tall crag which slopes into the sea (a sort of a upside down cone). The panoramic views from the village are wonderful. The village was founded by the Doria family in the XII century and was originally called Castelgenovese and then, when the Spanish arrived in 1448, it became known as Castel Aragonese. It got its present name in 1769 under the reign of Carlo Emanuele. Nowadays Castelsardo is a popular tourist destination and its handicrafts, especially the manufacture of the baskets made of wild palms, are very famous.
  Handicrafts: Castelsardo
ImageHandicrafts: Castelsardo

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The Island of Sardinia
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