The festival in honour of Saint Efisio blended with this ancient agricultural festival to produce a celebration of both faith and tradition.
In the beginning the festival was only a short procession which accompanied the statue of the Saint to Nora. The original participants in the procession were; the brothers and sisters of the Arch confraternity of Gonfalone, a small military escort, the "AlterNos" who represented the mayor of Cagliari and the Dean of the Metropolitan Cathedral who represented the Archbishop of Cagliari.
  Images of the festival of Sant' Efisio
Images of the festival of Sant' Efisio   In the following years others joined the procession. The first to join were the "traccas" which are ox carts (a sort of primitive "camper" or "caravan") used by the country families for transportation.
Later horsemen from the Campidano region, groups in traditional costumes from all over Sardinia and militia who were provided by the ancient quarters (districts) of Cagliari, especially Villanova, joined the procession.
Nowadays 5000 people take part in the procession. At the front of the procession there are about 30 wooden wheeled, ox drawn "traccas", beautifully decorated with produce from the land, utensils and typical Sardinian foods.
  Images of the festival of Sant' Efisio

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